Following up on my last post (I know…it was May! – but when I write, I tend to work on my fiction rather than this blog, which I know violates one of the the sacred purposes of a blog…its frequency, but fuck it – it’s MY blog)…whew…I continue to enjoy the luxury of writing every day, of sitting at my computer and hammering out 1,000 quality words, adding to the page count of my current project: The Dreams of Teddy Schreck.

And the complimentary bonus of retirement is the time allotted for reading. I read consistently on the commuter train rides to and from work, but now I can devote hours to the backlog of books on my Kindle, as well as the print books waiting to be consumed. Something I rarely did when I was working full-time at my office job was review the books I read. Not so now. I try to post a review of every book I finish, either on Amazon or on Goodreads. The only caveat is if I truly loathed a book…then I might skip the review. However, that rarely happens these days. I once adhered to an ethic that I would fight through even the worst book, not wanting to give up on it and set it aside mid-stream. These days if a novel doesn’t grip me within the first ten pages, I  abandon it and move on to something else. That’s a harsh judgement, I know, but I’ve decided I don’t have time to waste on poor writing.

As a result, the number of books I read in a given period of time…let’s say a week…has increased pleasurably. That’s a good thing…

If you haven’t joined Goodreads, I encourage you to stop by the website and check it out. It’s a fine place to mine for recommendations and reviews.

And remember…”What’s new, John?” Another 1,000 or so words toward the conclusion of one project and the launch of another.