Later this week, my newest work of fiction will be published.

The Dreams of Teddy Schreck, my fifth work of fiction and the third to use the Laurel Woods neighborhood of Iske Park as a setting, focuses on a retired salesman, who obsesses about retaining his mental acuity. Dreading the loss of memories of the people, events and milestones of his life, he augments his specialized diet with herbal supplements and specific vitamins designed to postpone, perhaps even eliminate, the chance of developing dementia. He indulges in solving puzzles and constantly searches the web for brain teasers and exercises to keep his mind sharp.

TheDreamsofTeddySchreck thumbnailOne website advises writing a long-hand journal to keep the brain elastic and active. The possible subject of this journal eludes Teddy until one night, when he dreams of cataloging his dreams. The following day he makes his first of many entries in his dream journal. He mentions the project to his neighbor, Bill, a retired historian, who suggests expanding the scope to include Teddy’s aspirations from his early life. Teddy agrees.

Bill and his wife, Margaret, have been life-long friends of the Schrecks. Margaret anonymously authors an atheist blog, which attracts the anger of a religious zealot, who in his threatening comments on the blog indicates he not only knows Margaret’s identity, but where she lives. Teddy interjects himself onto the conflict, for a variety of aspirational reasons. His wife and daughters caution him, but he ignores their advice. Events unfold with tragic consequences for both families.

I’ll the post novel’s availability in a few days!